Happy Hispanic Heritage Month 2010

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, I decided to give back to VT a little bit as a gesture of gratitude for all the things this institution has done for me, my family and my career. After thinking about it for a while, I came up with a great idea.

As some of you know, I collaborate with Dr. Carlos Evia in a few research projects of his. He works a lot with Hispanic construction workers. So, I used some of my hard earned money, particularly from the pay raises I have received in the last three years, and do a bit of a public display of my gratitude while at the same time celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month 2010.

The photo below shows the construction workers I hired.... They are getting ready to do the project. This was a few weeks ago.

Today, their job is done and the results are ready to be displayed. See the photo below and enjoy it.

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month, y'all!

Posted on 09/15/2010



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