LA-Web 2008

On October 28-30, 2008 I attended the 6th Latin American Web Research conference (LA-Web 2008) in Vitoria, Espiritu Santo, Brazil. I was an invited speaker at the conference and presented my work on Personal Information Ecosystems. You can see the webiste for the conference here. They are adding the slides for all the invited speakers online. Mine presentation is available below the abstract.

Personal Information Ecosystems: Design Concerns for Net-Enabled Devices Manuel A. Perez-Quinones, Manas Tungare, Pardha S. Pyla, and Steve Harrison Center for Human-Computer Interaction Dept. of Computer Science Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA USA 24061 Abstract
Today, with the proliferation of affordable computing, people use multiple devices to fulfill their information needs. Designers approach each device platform individually, without accounting for the other devices that users may also use. In many cases, the software applications on all the user's devices are designed to be functional replicates of each other, often with an emphasis on keeping their form and function consistent with the same application on other device platforms. In this paper, we present the idea of a personal information ecosystem, an analogy to biological ecosystems, which allows us to discuss the interrelationships among users' devices. Using the examples of now-ubiquitous web-enabled devices, we discuss how considering the user's ecosystem of devices as a holistic design target gives designers and researchers a language to describe and discuss the design of applications that span multiple devices.

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