Situating Personal Information Management Practices within an Organization

Personal Information Management (PIM) Practices are the behaviors that we follow when we organize our information... this often includes emails, documents, bookmarks, pictures, etc. Research in PIM has identified some common set of activities that require support: ecountering information, organizing information, filing/archiving, and reusing information. Different tools must provide different support for each one of these activities.

PIM practices become easier if the organization provides some infrastructure to alleviate the difficult of these activities. But a bigger value is that the organization can leverage these personal practices to improve the effectiveness of others and to capture that illuse corporate knowledge in a easy way.

In this talk, I described previous work on PIM and highlight how some of the PIM practices can be supported and leveraged from the organization point of view.

Event was part of the Hispanic Googler Network Speaker Series: Perspectivas from Latinos in Science and Technology. Talk given on December 4, 2009, 11:00am at Google's campus. The talk was organized by Dr. Manas Tungare and Mario Guajardo-Cespedes. A flyer for announcing the event is available here

Posted on 01/27/2010