The iPad is Here

In a moment that was reminiscent of arrival of Simba in The Lion King, the iPad came into our lives as a new King of devices and media.

The iPad is amazing. There is no other way to describe this little device. The colors on the videos are crisp. We watched part of an episode of Danny Phantom from our Netflix subscription and it just looked absolutely fabulous. The ABC app for the iPad is all I needed to keep up with Lost, Flash Forward, Castle and a few other shows that now it will be easier to follow and watch. The USA Today app and the Wall Street Journal app rock. I can see myself reading the news on them (and the others that will soon come).

After several weeks of waiting, several days of continuous checking the tracking for UPS, the device was here. My kids were jumping up and down and the UPS driver made a comment along the lines of "people are happy today"... I wonder if he had a full day of delivery experiences like at my house.

But if you thought the wait for the device was painful, worse was the sync of my iTunes the first time. It was trying to copy everything... which would have been ok, but I just didn't want to wait.... I must have synced about 5 times, each time adding more things (videos, music, photos, email configuration, etc.).

The device is as fast as others have reported. The animations are very responsive. It feels a little heavier than I expected, but not enough to be difficult to handle. The rotation of the interface based on the movement of the device is much faster than on my iPod Touch (disclaimer: I have a 1st generation). Safari is a blast, the Calendar looks just incredible, the audio is loud enough for a couple of people to listen without much trouble.

Had a few problems that I am sure will get cleared up in a week or two. The iBook stored showed a question mark for Junot Díaz accented last name. Couple of times overlays in Safari showed up outside of the screen, one time inside of Amazon's Kindle App... But overall, the device works as epxected.

About the only surprise for me... my iPod Touch feels like it shrunk after I used the iPad for a couple of hours. I think the Touch might be used even less than before... just because it feels like it is just too small. Feels like it is a miniature version of the iPad, where the iPad is what it was supposed to be all along and the iPod Touch is just a device that was attacked by some of those mythical tribes in the Amazon.

Posted on 04/03/2010



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