Two Thirds Vegetarian

This is an old blog posting that got lost when the hard disk in my server crashed over the summer; I have recovered it from a backup and I'm just now putting it back up.

The title says it all. I am 2/3 vegetarian. I don't eat meat for breakfast or lunch. I only eat meat at dinner. Sounds like some kind of vampire thing: "No meat till sundown!" But it is not.

A few years ago, during one of my routine medical checkups, my doctor found that my cholesterol was high. Among the changes in lifestyle that he asked me to follow, one was a big change: limit the amount of meat to a miniscule 4 oz per day. Do you know how little is 4 oz? There isn't a single hamburger in the market today that is that small. And don't get me started on the Outback's T-Bone steak... that has enough meat for a whole week's worth of 4 oz portions.

So, it was clear, that if I was to have only 4 oz of meat, that I should "save" it for one meal. I can savor a whopping chunk of meat then. So, I don't eat meat at breakfast and I don't eat meat at lunch.

It is not that hard to do. Breakfasts is easy. The only time when it is a challenge is on weekends, when I normally would have had a nice big omelette with ham in it. Now I don't. Instead I get vegetarian sausages. My kids are enjoying the veggie sausages too, which is good for them (or at least better than real sausages).

Lunch is a bit harder. Many lunch places don't have good choices of meals without meat. Look at most restaurants and they have 20 different salads, but all of them come with chicken (and fried at that!) or with steak (which I think is kind of weird). Sure, you can ask them to leave the meat out, but the salads are pretty boring to start out with and are reduced to lettuce, tomato and a few carrot sticks.

Sometimes at dinner I have a veggie meal, so possibly I am a bit more than 2/3 vegetarian. Maybe we can even round it up to 7/10th.

Nevertheless, I have stuck to that diet and now I don't even miss the meat that I am not eating. What is best, a 1/3 of me still enjoys the animal-eating feast that 4 oz affords.

Posted on 09/26/2008



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