Where is Manuel?

I typically do not hold office hours the first week of the semester, as it is often full of one-time meetings and other unique situations. But if you need to see me, drop me a note and we can schedule a time during week one.

When you contact me, I would like to know the reason why you are coming to see me. Typical reasons are: you are in one of my classes, you are interested in my research, etc. Please let me know the reason for the meeting request, I don't like surprises.

Fall 2014

My office hours tentatively are:

  • Monday 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM McBryde 122B - Open door, just stop by. I am available for anyone that wants to talk computing at VT.
  • By appointment: Send me email and I will arrange with you a time and location to meet.
  • As a last resort, check the calendar below. Often I am asked to join meetings that conflict with office hours, I will update the calendar for individual changes.

My Calendar

Keep track of my schedule by viewing the calendar below. Do not assume that because I don't have something visible here, it means that I am free to meet. Sometimes I don't mark meetings because they are not public knowledge and other times I just need a break from it all and go out and wander aimlessly (yeah, like I can afford that).