This page has information about the work being done by my current students and links to dissertations and theses of my former students.

If you are a student and you want to work with me, the best thing to do is make an appointment to come meet me, then signup for one of my graduate courses, do excellent work in the class, then ask me for a GRA. Very rarely I give a GRA to a student that had not been in one of my courses.

Current students

This is the short list of my current students. These are the students that I am their advisor of record (in no particular order).

PhD Advisees

  1. Ben Hanrahan (PhD). Getting Lost in Email: How and Why Users Spend More Time in Email than Intended, 2014-12-04. Employment: Xerox, Grenoble, France.
  2. Turner, Scott Alexander (PhD). Peer Review in CS2: the Effects on Attitudes, Engagement, and Conceptual Learning, 2009-08-13. Employment: Assistant Professor University of North Carolina at Pembroke, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.
  3. Tungare, Manas (PhD). Mental Workload in Personal Information Management: Understanding PIM Practices Across Multiple Devices, 2009-03-25. Employment: Engineer at Google.
  4. Capra, Robert G. (PhD). An Investigation of Finding and Refinding Information on the Web, 2006-02-16. Employment: Assistant Professor at School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
  5. Rode, Jochen (PhD). Web Application Development by Nonprogrammers: User-Centered Design of an End-User Web Development Tool, 2005-07-01. Employment: SAP, Germany.
  6. Ali, Mir Farooq (PhD). A Transformation-based Approach to Building Multi-Platform User Interfaces Using a Task Model and the User Interface Markup Language, 2004-11-16. Employment: Engineer at Motorola.
  7. Lewis, Tracy L. (PhD). Design Readiness:An Exploratory Model of Object-Oriented Design Performance, 2004-07-16. Employment: Associate Professor, at Radford University, Department of Information Technology.

MS Advisees

  1. Zeitz, Rebecca Ann (MS). TechCommix: A Tool and Foundation for Rethinking and Restructuring Technical Documentation, 2014-07-09 . Employment: Software Engineer at Dahlgren (Navy).
  2. Ahuja, Ankit (MS). Contextinator: Recreating the context lost amid information fragmentation on the web, 2013-06-01 . Employment: Software Engineer at LinkedIn.
  3. Shanahan, Daniel Patrick (MS). Intentional Information Fragmentation in Email Management, 2012-08-29 . Employment: Software Engineer at Qualcom.
  4. Vega, Edgardo Luis (MS). Communities of Tweeple: How Communities Engage with Microblogging When Co-located, 2011-04-22 . Employment: Senior Software Engineer at Next Century Corporation.
  5. Henry, James Arthur Goodwin (MS). Subiquitous: Supporting Ubiquitous Computing, 2010-04-29 .
  6. Ahuja, Sameer (MS). A Tale of Two Sites: An Explorative Study of the Design and Evaluation of Social Network Sites, 2009-07-17 . Employment: Software Engineer at Google.
  7. Tauro, Candida (MS). A Usability Evaluation and Content Analysis of Vizblog: an Online Conversation Discovery Tool, 2008-04-23 .
  8. Lambros, Stelios (MS). Investigating the Applicability of Information Foraging Theory to Mobile Web Browsing, 2005-05-27 .
  9. Bhardwaj, Yogita (MS). Reverse Engineering End-user Developed Web Applications into a Model-based Framework, 2005-05-09 . Employment: Software Engineer at Microsoft.
  10. Turner, Scott Alexander (MS). minimUML: A Minimalist Approach to UML Diagraming for Early Computer Science Education, 2005-02-04 . Employment: Assistant Professor at UNC, Pembroke.
  11. Vatrapu, Ravikiran (MS). Culture and International Usability Testing:The Effects of Culture in Interviews, 2002-08-06 . Employment: Professor mso, Dept. of Information Technology Management (ITM), Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.
  12. Ferreira, Raquel (MS). Culture and E-Commerce: Culture Based Preferences for Interface Information Design, 2002-07-12 Co-Chair with Dr. Tonya Smith-Jackson. Employment: IBM.

Student Committees

  1. Stewart, Michael Clark (MS). How Private is Private?: Effects of Degree of Information Sharing on Group Ideation, 2013-06-17.
  2. Kyunghui Oh (PhD). Use of Reading Strategy to Assess Reading Medium Effectiveness: Application to Determine the Effects of Reading Medium and Generation in an Active Reading Task, 2013-06-04.
  3. Bale, Travis Lafe (MS). Using Tournament-Based Assignments to Motivate Students in Introductory Computer Science Courses, 2013-05-31.
  4. Allevato, Anthony James (PhD). From Intuition to Evidence: A Data-Driven Approach to Transforming CS Education, 2012-07-16.
  5. Beaton, Robert John (MS). On Digital Drumming: Collaborative, Dyadic, Co-Located, Coordinated Interaction, 2012-05-02.
  6. Codio, Sherley (MS). Understanding Community Privacy through Focus Group Studies, 2012-05-01.
  7. Whisenhunt, Phillip J (MS). NextBrowse: An integrated and interactive web-based genome browser for analyzing and interpreting genomic data, 2012-04-23.
  8. Fiaux, Patrick O. (MS). Solving Intelligence Analysis Problems using Biclusters, 2012-01-27.
  9. Wilson, Gregory (MS). Experiences with the Mobile Interactive Learning Table: a custom table for education, 2011-12-08.
  10. Lin, Sirong (PhD). Programmer Cognition in Explicit Coordination Modeling: Understanding the Design of Complex Human Interaction and Coordination, 2011-11-29.
  11. Judge, Tejinder Kaur (PhD). Patterns of Domestic Video Mediated Communication, 2011-08-29.
  12. Kurdziolek, Margaret Angela (PhD). Classroom resources and impact on learning, 2011-08-05.
  13. Ringenbach, Michael (MS). Collecting Student Data for Accreditation Assessment, 2011-01-28.
  14. Murthy, Uma (PhD). Digital Libraries with Superimposed Information: Supporting Scholarly Tasks that Involve Fine Grain Information, 2011-01-28.
  15. Chaube, Vineeta (MS). Understanding and Designing for Perceptions of Trust in RidesharePrograms, 2010-07-30.
  16. Alaloula, Nouf M. (MS). Framing Coordination in Collocated Computer-Mediated Communication, 2010-05-03.
  17. Lee, Jason Chong (PhD). Integrating scenario-based usability engineering and agile software development, 2010-03-31.
  18. Schaefer, Matthew R. (MS). On PlaceMark: Collaborative Authoring, Place, and Identity, 2009-06-26.
  19. Hardy, Robert Stafford (MS). Cheating in Multiplayer Video Games, 2009-04-15.
  20. Wingrave, Chadwick A (PhD). Concept-Oriented Design in Chasm: Conversational Domain Language Inspired 3D User Interface Design and Development, 2008-07-11.
  21. Johnson, Kayenda Tenise (PhD). Process, Preference and Performance: Considering Ethnicity and Socio-Economic Status in Computer Interface Metaphor Design, 2008-03-24.
  22. Jones, Caleb Bradley (MS). Virtual Community Orientation Project, 2008-06-12.
  23. Ravichandar, Ramya (PhD). Capabilities Engineering:Promoting Change-Reduction and Constructing Change-Tolerant Systems, 2008-05-07.
  24. Sampat, Miten (MS). Enabling Locative Experiences, 2007-12-04.
  25. Pyla, Pardha S (PhD). Connecting the usability and software engineering life cycles through a communication-fostering software development framework and cross-pollinated computer science courses, 2007-09-10.
  26. Tan, Roy Patrick (PhD). Programming Language and Tools for Automated Testing, 2007-08-08.
  27. Richardson, W. Ryan (PhD). Using Concept Maps as a Tool for Cross-Language Relevance Determination, 2007-06-06.
  28. McMahan, Ryan Patrick (MS). Exploring and Evaluating Task Sequences for System Control Interfaces inImmersive Virtual Environments, 2007-06-04.
  29. Sidky, Ahmed Samy (PhD). A Structured Approach to Adopting Agile Practices: The Agile Adoption Framework, 2007-05-24.
  30. Badillo, Brian Elvis (MS). Migrating Three Dimensional Interaction Techniques, 2007-04-23.
  31. Burge, Jamika D (PhD). Communication of Emotion in Mediated and Technology-Mediated Contexts: Face-to-Face, Telephone, and Instant Messaging, 2007-04-23.
  32. Howarth, Jonathan Randall (PhD). Supporting Novice Usability Practitioners with Usability Engineering Tools, 2007-04-13.
  34. Chen, Jian (PhD). Design and Evaluation of Domain-Specific Interaction Techniques in the AEC Domain for Immersive Virtual Environments, 2006-10-25.
  35. Ball, Robert Glenn (PhD). Effects of Large, High-Resolution Displays for Geospatial Information Visualization, 2006-08-14.
  36. Zietz, Jason (MS). Activity-based Knowledge Management Tool Design for Educators, 2006-08-07.
  37. Vidya Sagar, Vikram Raj (MS). A Digital Library Success Model for Computer Science Student Use of a Meta-Search System, 2006-08-04.
  38. Montabert, Cyril (MS). Supporting Requirements Reuse in a User-centric Design Framework through Task Modeling and Critical Parameters, 2006-05-16.
  39. Shen, Rao (PhD). Applying the 5S Framework To Integrating Digital Libraries, 2006-04-17.
  40. Krishnamoorthy, Sujatha (MS). Designing Interactive Visualizations for First-time Novice Users, 2005-11-09.
  41. Schneider, Thomas W (MS). A Voice-based Multimodal User Interface for VTQuest, 2005-05-06.
  42. Catanzaro, Christopher David (MS). Vizability: Visualizing Usability Evaluation Data Based on the User Action Framework, 2005-04-28.
  43. Berry, Brandon (MS). VaDeR: Visualizing a Development RecordA Study of Claims-Centric Scenario-Based Design, 2004-06-21.
  44. Allgood, Christian (MS). The Claims Library Capability Maturity Model: Evaluating a Claims Library, 2004-06-11.
  45. Vastani, Hussein Kamaluddin (MS). Supporting Direct Markup and Evaluation of Students' Projects On-line, 2004-06-11.
  46. Perugini, Saverio (PhD). Program Transformations for Information Personalization, 2004-05-14.
  47. Howarth, Jonathan R (MS). An Infrastructure to Support Usability Problem Data Analysis, 2004-05-06.
  48. Swartz, Kent Olen (MS). Virtual Environment Usability Assessment Methods Based on a Framework of Usability Characteristics, 2003-08-27.
  49. DePasquale III, Peter Joseph (PhD). Implications on the Learning of Programming Through the Implementation of Subsets in Program Development Environments, 2003-07-17.
  50. Shenoy, Atul (MS). A Software Framework for Out-of-turn Interaction in a Multimodal Web Interface, 2003-06-16.
  51. Holbrook, Chuck (MS). Input Methods for Notification Systems: A design analysis technique with a focus on input for dual-task situations, 2003-06-13.
  52. Mahajan, Reenal R (MS). Usability Problem Diagnosis tool: Development and Evaluation, 2003-06-10.
  53. Kodiyalam, Narayanan Gopalakrishnan (MS). Remote Usability Evaluation Tool, 2003-05-19.
  54. Saini, Varun (MS). Visualization Schemas: A User Interface Extending Relational Data Schemas for Flexible, Multiple-View Visualization of Diverse Databases, 2003-04-28.
  55. Colaso, Vikrant (MS). A Usability Problem Inspection Tool: Development and Formative Evaluation, 2003-04-18.
  56. Schoenhoff, Peter Klaus (MS). Belbin's Company Worker, The Self-Perception Inventory, and Their Application to Software Engineering Teams, 2001-12-11.
  57. Zafer, Ali Asghar (MS). NetEdit: A collaborative Editor, 2001-04-23.
  58. Phanouriou, Constantinos (PhD). UIML: A Device-Independent User Interface Markup Language, 2000-09-26.